2nd Republic will not betray gains of the struggle: President

By ZBC Reporter

The President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa says the occasion of the country’s Independence Celebrations is a constant reminder of the need to preserve, safeguard and protect the liberation war heritage and the rich history of Zimbabwe.

Addressing the nation during the country’s 41st Independence anniversary celebrations held at State House this Sunday morning the  President said the Second Republic is committed  to upholding the gains of the liberation struggle.

As the Second Republic, we will never betray that which made the many sons and daughters of our motherland to wage the protracted liberation struggle, paying the supreme sacrifice. We will always protect the significance and sacred spirituality of our land,

Therefore, the signing of the Global Compensation Agreement on 29 July 2020 is a re-affirmation of the irreversibility of land as well as a symbol of our commitment to constitutionalism, the respect of the rule of law and property rights. As Zimbabweans, we must now all work together for increased production, productivity and profitability of the agriculture sector, he said.

Turning to the economy, the President highlighted that albeit the disturbances brought about by the COVID -19 pandemic government policies had managed to keep the economy on a positive trajectory.

Despite altered economic growth projections due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the reform agenda under the Transitional Stabilisation Programme realised indisputable successes. The successor programme, the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS 1), is now underway,

My Government continues to realise budget surpluses. Inflation, which had become a major source of macroeconomic instability, is being contained. The foreign currency auction system has also enhanced transparency and accountability in the distribution and use of foreign currency, noted the President.

On issues to do with exports, he highlighted that the opening up of several industries was putting the country in the direction of increased exports.

The resuscitation of strategic industries such as fertilizer, iron and steel, pharmaceuticals, textiles and clothing, 10 leather manufacturing, as well as food and beverages is being accelerated. In order for Zimbabwe to penetrate global value chains, efforts are underway to structurally transform the economy from an exporter of predominantly primary products to higher nodes of industrial development, he noted.

The President also spoke on unity and determination  as being key enablers  to the achievement of vision 2030 as well as an inclusive society.

More importantly, however, let us look forward to the years ahead with a bright flame of hope for the next generation. We have begun this new decade of our Independence with greater determination, resolve and confidence to achieve the Vision we set out for ourselves,

A Vision of an empowered people with a higher standard of living. A Vision of a thriving and prosperous economy, which plays its part within the comity of nations. Together, let us unite in our purpose, collate our potential and walk together hand-in-hand towards our common destiny, said the President.

This year’s celebrations are being held under the theme: “Zimbabwe at 41: Together, Growing our Economy for a Prosperous, Resilient and Inclusive Society”.

The celebrations come at a time when the nation is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic hence government launched  the National Vaccination Programme on 18 February 2021 to contain the spread of  the virus and ensure herd immunity.