25-year-old man in custody for raping a minor

By ZBC Reporter
A 25-year-old Harare man has appeared in court facing allegations of raping a minor after detaining her at his friend’s house for three days.
Allegations are that on the 7th of this month, the accused and his accomplices who are still at large met the complainant who was walking alone in an open space in Hopley suburb of Harare and dragged her to one of his friend’s house where he raped her on several occasions after detaining her for three days.
The court heard that on the first day, the accused raped the victim twice in the presence of his friends before he dismissed them the following day.
It is alleged that on the next day the accused raped the complainant three times and locked the door from outside after the act.
According to the state papers, the matter came to light on the third day after some people visited the place and found the complainant who revealed what had transpired.
The accused has been remanded in custody to the 27th of this month.
In another case, a 20 year old Harare woman has been dragged before the Harare magistrates’ court on allegations of sexual assault after she forced a 14 year old male juvenile to have sexual intercourse with her.
It is alleged that in February this year, the complainant was washing dishes when the accused asked him to come to her place.
It is alleged that when the juvenile went to the accused’s house he was instructed to hide under the bed until her grandmother retired to bed before she raped him.
The matter came to light after the complainant’s grandmother noticed the boy’s unusual behaviour and reported the matter to the police leading to the accused’s arrest.
The accused was remanded in custody to this Monday.

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