2022 national population census: 9.2 percent of population have body functionality challenges

By Owen Mandovha

The 2022 national population census results have given policy makers a clear picture of the number of people who need social services emanating from their reduced body functionalities.

One of the key measurements targeted by the recently-concluded national population census is functionality to establish one’s body capabilities of speaking, hearing, seeing and cognitive ability, among others.

Releasing the results of functionality, Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) Director General, Mr Taguma Mahonde revealed that 9.2 percent of the population has functionality challenges of varying degrees.

“The latest results are very important for our policy making and about 9.2 percent of our population are facing problems of sight, hearing and speaking. It also includes those facing reduced cognitive abilities,” he said.

Mr Mahonde underscored the importance of measuring functionality to ensure sufficient resource allocation towards social services.

“It is important that Government is aware of these measurements because it is now easy to project the resources that are needed to cater for these group of people.”

The National population census also shows that 0.03% of the population has zero functionality as ZIMSTAT plans to use the latest results to expedite research into this phenomenon by calling for papers to improve policy formulation towards social services provision.