2022 by-elections: ZANU PF makes huge political statement

By Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

The ruling ZANU PF says the margins in the just ended by-elections are a reflection of the positive strides made by the party through the successful implementation of the development agenda across the country.

Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, ZANU PF’s Secretary for Information and Publicity, says the March 26 by-election numbers speak volumes on the amount of work that has been done by the revolutionary ZANU PF party.

ZANU PF won nine seats, with two of them having been snatched from opposition strongholds Mutasa South and Epworth.

In the 9 seats, Zanu PF polled 76 355, while CCC polled 24 307 leaving a difference of 52 228.

In 19 constituencies that were won by CCC, the opposition polled 105 492, while ZANU PF polled 51 864 votes leaving a difference of 53 628.

Overally, CCC received 129 799 votes winning 19 seats, while ZANU PF polled 128 399 votes in the nine constituencies they won, leaving a difference of 1400 votes.

These numbers show the inroads made by ZANU PF in opposition strongholds, while the opposition failed to penetrate ZANU PF controlled areas.

“The Party of the Zimbabwe Revolution is most delighted that it made fresh inroads in MDC-CCC urban strongholds. The internecine fights of the fractious MDC-CCC formations handed ZANU-PF a propitious chance to pick a few more national assembly seats and thus increase further the two thirds absolute majority in Parliament.

“ZANU-PF also used the occasion to harvest a respectable clutch of local council seats. It’s clear that two decades of MDC-CCC urban neglect, feckless maladministration, screaming corruption and putrid decay are all finally beginning to invite the wrath of the long suffering urban citizenry at the expense of Nelson Chamisa and his acrimonious cohorts,” Ambassador Mutsvangwa said.

Binga North Constituency brought another dimension to the election as CCC won the seat after garnering 10 130 votes while, ZANU PF had 7 971, a huge number for the ruling party in the past 20 years.

Added Ambassador Mutsvangwa: “We thank ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) for providing a fair hunting ground and unfair criticism of ZEC chairperson Priscilla Chigumba can now die down. We see 2023 as an opportunity when the fortunes of ZANU PF will be sustained as the message resonates well with the people. The Saturday by-elections was a warning that their days of urban electorate supremacy are over.”

The figures have come in handy as they are expected to inform ZANU PF’s next strategy ahead of 2023 general elections.