2020 in Agriculture: A historic year

Tendai Munengwa

Year 2020 will be remembered as historic when the launch of the Agriculture Recovery Plan by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has paid dividends towards a record wheat crop while the unveiling of Pfumvudza/Intswasa programme is expected to bring hunger and food insecurity to an end.

Identified as the mainstay of the economy- Agriculture has over the years suffered a downward trend owing to a number of challenges ranging from drought to lack of proper planning which resulted in food deficit forcing the country to pump out millions in grain importation.

The ushering in of the second republic led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa however was quick to craft policies to rejuvenate the agricultural sector.

The launch of the agriculture Recovery Plan by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in August 2020 – marked a historic milestone towards the transformation of the agriculture sector into a $8.2 Billion dollar industry come 2025.

Backed by Vice President Retired General Constantinio Chiwenga who chairs the agriculture food and nutritional cluster, agric-recovery plan has set the tone for import substitution with expectations high that if fully implemented Zimbabwe is on the recovery path to regain breadbasket status.

Irrigation has also been identified as key towards revitalising agriculture in the face of climate change with various local companies tasked to revive the sector making tremendous progress.

The major highlight of year was the launch of the Pfumvudza programme which benefited over 1.8 million households and president Mnangagwa expressed satisfaction during his 114th central committee address this Wednesday that second republic’s prayer for bumper harvest have been answered.

On livestock government has also launched the tick grease programme expected to benefit over one million small holders’ farmers, while over 300 thousand families received free cotton inputs in a move expected to produce over 300 thousand tonnes of the white gold

Bearing in mind the fact that mechanisation is the way to go, government launched the John Deer and Belarus multimillion dollars project.

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