2019 Accreditation Cards still valid says ZMC

By ZBC Reporter
The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) says the 2019 accreditaion card are still valid and is advising all stakeholders to accept and recognise 2019 journalists accreditation cards.
In a statement, the ZMC said it has not yet issued accreditation cards for journalists and other media practitioners for the year 2020.
This has been caused by the delay in the gazetting of Accreditation and Registration fees.
Fees for the accreditation of journalists were published in the Government azette of 27th of this month and plans were to issue the accreditation cards starting on the 1st of next month.
The Commission said that the process was suspended owing to the national lockdown which is in place and journalists should continue using their 2019 Accreditation Cards.
The Commission also called on the security sector to protect and ensure the safety of journalists during this period as they are important in the fight against the Corona virus adding that the role of information during the fight against Covid-19 cannot be over-emphasised.
The ZMC applauded the media for the role it has so far played in educating and informing the Zimbabweans about covid-19.
However, the Commission noted that much of the information being channelled and the platforms being utilised are mostly aimed at the urban population urging authorities to cater for rural population who do not have access to mainstream media.
The Commission also called upon all Zimbabweans to be responsible and considerate in their on social media posts.