154th anniversary of King Mzilikazi’s death celebrated

154th anniversary of King Mzilikazi celebrated

By Lisa Masuku

COMMEMORATIONS to mark the 154th anniversary of the death of King Mzilikazi were held in Bulawayo this Saturday, where people marched from the central business district to Mhlahlandlela, the site of the founding Ndebele monarch’s royal palace.

Dressed in their breathtaking traditional gear, the Ndebele men led the march which marked the 154th anniversary of King Mzilikazi’s death carrying their shields and knobkerries.

The marchers showcased and chanted slogans of the Ndebele kingdom.

Women and young girls also showcased impressive traditional dances.

Guest of Honor, Pathisa Nyathi, spoke on the importance of upholding King Mzilikazi’s legacy.

King Mzilikazi was a Southern African king who founded the Ndebele kingdom in the region now called Matabeleland.

It is believed that he died on September 5, 1868.