15-year-old allegedly murdered in Southlea Park

By Peter Chivhima

RESIDENTS of Southlea Park in Harare woke up to the shock of their lives after a 15-year-old boy was found dead at a neighbour’s house on Monday.

The Nhunzwi family, having spent two days looking for their missing son, is still to come to terms with the gruesome murder of Emmanuel, whose remains were later found dumped in a cooler box.

“It has been two days looking for Emmanuel as a community, but we were shocked to be told that there was a body found in a nearby house. So, we went together with Emanuel’s mother where we requested to see that body. We were shocked after discovering that it was Manu’s body in a cooler box,” said a community member.

“Since we were growing up we never encountered such a shocking experience. How can one kill someone as if he is killing an animal? We hope that the Police will find the perpetrator,” said a neighbor.

 “We found the body of Emanuel in a cooler box in this room and it was in a sitting position. We also discovered that his right hand was cut, maybe he wanted it to fit into the cooler box. It’s so painful,” said another community member.

“It’s so painful. The body of the young man was here in this room and the cooler box was covered with a blanket. The blood was on his head and his face was also swollen which means that Emmanuel died a painful death,” said another neighbor.

Nhunzwi was allegedly murdered by Leeroy Urayayi, aged 20, on Sunday and his body was found with bruises and deep cuts on Monday.

“I came back from where I had gone to see my friends and I saw the whole house filled with water. I asked Leeroy about what had happened and he said he had killed a rabbit. Later on he confessed that he had killed Emmanuel using a hoe before he stashed his body in a cooler box, but by the time I started to cry for help that’s when he escaped. Until now we don’t know where he is,” said Mrs Dadirai Machingauta, Leeroy’s mother.

The Nhunzwi family is shattered after their child lost his life in a painful way.

“It’s so hard to believe as a family that Emmanuel was killed like a goat. Emmanuel was such a promising child. He was so quite,” said a family member.

“My brother was such a nice guy, but we say justice should take its course. It’s our hope that the perpetrator will face the wrath of law,” said Emmanuel’s sibling.

The alleged perpetrator, Leeroy, is still on the run.

“We can confirm that a 15-year-old boy was murdered in cold blood and his body was found in a desolated house. It’s so sad, but we are investigating the case,” said Zimbabwe Republic Police national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.