14.5 mega litre reservoir to solve water challenges in Beitbridge

By Innocent Nxumalo

THE unique architectural design of the 14.5 mega litre water reservoir, which is part of the Beitbridge off-port border modernisation project, has become a source of pride not only for engineers but for residents of the border town.

As the contractor winds up off-port projects, which are part of the Beitbridge border modernisation programme, a water reservoir which has a floating deck and a concrete and steel wall of about a hundred centimeters, confirms that government has upheld quality and modern standards in undertaking the US$300 million project.

Beitbridge Border Modernisation Project Technical Engineer, Steven Rupiya says the structure has attracted the attention of the international community including engineers and architects from the region.

“This is not an ordinary water tank, we out-sourced architectural knowledge to come up with not only a huge water reservoir, but a uniquely designed structure.

“Apart from its undoubted durability which will last centuries to come, the top of this reservoir was lifted up by hydrological pressure and does not require power to pump water to consumption points,” he said.

For the local authority and residents, the reservoir, which is strategically positioned on a mountain top, will ensure efficient water reticulation in the border town.

“We are proud to have this modern facility, what is more special is that it has been completed at a time when we have taken the reins from ZINWA. People from Beitbridge will have excess water which will be enough to export even to Mussina,” said Beitbridge Mayor Councillor Munyaradzi Chitsunge.

The water reservoir is part of other off-port projeccentrech also high-the-staff village, sewer oxidation tanks, a veterinary port centre and a high-tech fire station.