“Buy dipping chemicals for your cattle,” farmers urged

By ZBC Reporter
The government has urged farmers to buy dipping chemicals for their cattle as they can no longer afford to provide them due to economic challenges being experienced in the country.
With theileriosis (January disease) continuing to wreak havoc countrywide resulting in the deaths of many cattle and authorities failing to contain the disease due to shortage of dipping chemicals, the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, Retired Air Chief Marshal Perrence Shiri told farmers in Chikomba not to wait for the government to provide them with the dipping chemicals as the $2 fee per cattle currently being paid by farmers is not enough.
“While the government has traditionally provided dipping chemicals for farmers, I urge you to buy the chemicals for your cattle as the government can no longer afford to provide due to the economic hardships, so mobilize resources to avert cattle deaths,” said Minister Shiri.
Chikomba Central legislator, Honourable Felix Mhona narrated how farmers are having to sell their cattle for a song to unscrupulous dealers as they try to offload their herd in fear of the disease.
“Our farmers are having to sell their cattle for a song as cattle dealers are taking advantage of their desperation to offload cattle as they fear the disease,” said Mhona.
January disease is a tick-borne disease that affects cattle and is common between December and March.