13 MDC-A activists in court over Harvest House violence

By The Herald

THIRTEEN suspected MDC-Alliance activists, who allegedly ran amok, destroying windows and cutting padlocks with bolt cutters at Harvest House last week appeared in court yesterday charged with public violence.

The rowdy youths, who are said to have been armed with stones, iron bars and bolt cutters also attacked motorists and pedestrians who passed through the area.

Victor Machavhaira (37), Shame Chidzonga (34), Mafaiti Mubaiwa (32), Angirai Mowotidhi (42) and Forward Sezali (40) initially appeared before magistrate Ms Judith Taruvinga on Monday and were remanded in custody to yesterday for bail ruling after prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa had opposed bail.

The other eight Paul Gorekore (37), Peter Shonhiwa (35), Godfrey Katsaya (24), Lloyd Zhou (36), Richard Dube (21), Onisimo Chaitezvi (30), Sign Chanachimweza (29) and Washington Dzungwa (37) appeared on a separate record yesterday.

They were all released on $1 500 bail each after their lawyer Mr Moses Mavhaire successfully applied for bail. They were ordered to report once a week to the police and not to interfere with witnesses.

It is the State’s case that on October 29 at around 10am, the gang while acting in common purpose with others who are still at large teamed up within the CBD.

They walked towards Harvest House along Nelson Mandela and while on the way, the gang allegedly disturbed the peace and order in the CBD.

It is alleged that they also assaulted members of the public. When they got to Harvest house, they destroyed the front window panes using stones before cutting the key locks on the screeengate using bolt cutters, the court heard.

The police reacted and arrested Machavhaira, Chidzonga, Mubaiwa, Mowotidhi and Sezali while others escaped.

On the same day at around 11 pm, Gorekore, Shonhiwa, Katsaya, Zhou, Dube, Chaitezvi, Chanachimweza, Dzungwa returned to Harvest house leading to their arrest.

According to the state, Mowotidhi and Sizali have pending cases before the same court.