117 firearms surrendered to police so far

By John Nhandara

MORE than 100 unregistered fire arms have been surrendered to the Zimbabwe Republic Police within two weeks after the declaration of the firearms amnesty by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Presidential Firearms Amnesty which will last until the 30th of September has seen the public heeding the call to surrender unregistered firearms to the police with the Law enforcement agents indicating that 117 forearms have been surrendered so far.

“As of the 19th of August, 117 firearms have been surrendered to the Police and we still appeal to all those in possession of unlicenced forearms to surrender them. We have also realised that the majority of people are surrendering the firearms without ammunition. Both the firearms and ammunition must be surrendered,” said Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is currently updating its firearms database hence those with valid licenced firearms are also required to register them at their nearest police station during the amnesty period.

“Those with licenced firearms are also required to go and register with the police so as to indicate that they are still at the address where the firearm was allowed authority to be used at,” he added.

The amnesty comes when the country has witnessed an upsurge in the number of armed robbery cases and violent crimes.