102 Covid-19 deaths recorded

THE country recorded 102 deaths this Friday from Covid-19 breaking the record and taking the total Covid-19 death toll to 2 520.

However, the new case figure fell to 2 296 with the first hint of a possible plateauing of infection coming from the first fall in the seven-day rolling average, which measures trends, since early June.

The rolling average fell from 2 355 to 2300. If the rolling average remains stable or continues falling for several days it will be a sign that the peak of the third wave has been reached, although there will still be many more cases and deaths before the wave finally recedes.

However, there was a giant jump in vaccination rates with Thursday’s record being dramatically exceeded to 59 750 first doses and 5 128 to give a total of 64 878 jabs in one day, only the second time the 50 000 total has been exceeded.

The total number of jabs are now 1 096 002 first jabs, 635 738 second jabs to give a grand total of 1 731 740 doses administered.

If Zimbabwe averages 50 000 doses a day it will be delivering 1,5 million doses a month and higher totals mean that even that figure will be exceeded.