1 000 Zim women claimed UK asylum on false Mugabe rape allegations

By Rutendo Bereza Matinyarare.

A UK lawyer says that 1000 Zimbabwean woman claimed asylum in the UK by alleging that they were personally raped by President Mugabe.

Not only did they make such claims, the claimants were able to pay destitute Zimbabwean police officers money to get fake police reports with stamps and dates because of the poverty caused by sanctions.

It’s such frivolous claims, that are untested in court, which the west base their sanctions on. And we understand that there are human rights activists and lawyers who get paid to assist people to fill in these asylum forms.

It’s the work of people like Alex Magaisa who receives money from the British government for his NGO that is used to destabilize Zimbabwe through MDC.

This reminds me of how a South African woman was paid to claim that she was raped by Jacob Zuma to prevent him becoming South African President, and when the woman’s court case fell apart, a Scandinavian country offered her asylum to save her from facing perjury charges.

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